We Care For Your Pet!

clinic road signSince 2001, Enid Pet Hospital has been committed to bringing your pet the best professional health care available in the area. Because many members of our staff own pets themselves, we understand completely that your pets are like close family members, which is why we strive to give them hospital-level attention.

We offer personalized veterinary care with specific services that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Our qualified veterinarians are licensed and experienced in performing extensive soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Enid Pet Hospital is equipped with an ICU with oxygen cage capabilities and radiographic, endoscopic and advanced internal medicine care.

pet walking areaIt doesn’t matter how trivial or serious your pet’s problem is — one of our vets will perform a thorough examination and make an informed decision based on what we learn. If by some small chance whatever ails your pet requires the aid of a specialist, we would be more than willing to recommend you to the appropriate expert immediately. Here at Enid Pet Hospital, our highest priority is to help your pet onto the road to recovery as quickly as possible. We are fully equipped to provide your pet with excellent modern surgery and radiographic facilities. Also, we have a large fenced yard to exercise pets.

Remember that pets are very similar to humans, so the concept of preventative medicine applies to them more than ever. We highly encourage you to bring your pets into our office for physical examinations and vaccinations regularly, in order to ensure that your pet leads a long and happy life.

Please consult our friendly staff for all of your pet needs. We have extended office hours for all of your inquiries, so call today for an appointment.